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CyberPatriot is sponsored by the Air Force Association with the main goal of teaching students about cyber security. Each year, Civil Air Patrol cadets from around the country compete in the National Youth Cyber Defense Competition where they vie to find and fix vulnerabilities on virtual machines.

Top teams are eligible to win an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington, DC for the live National Finals Competition where they will compete for national recognition and scholarships.

Under the leadership of our cyber expert 1st Lt Hazel Cerra, cadets in the Maj Thomas B. McGuire Composite Squadron are trained in the technical cyber defense strategies for different operating systems as well as other skills such as teamwork and critical thinking -- all prerequisites for careers in the cyber defense industry. Each summer cadets are invited to attend a Cyber Camp to prepare them for cyber security competitions.

Visit our website’s news page to read about our squadron’s participation in Cyber Patriot competitions. 

CyberPatriot VIII and the Gauntlet of Firewalls