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Orientation Flights

Civil Air Patrol’s orientation flight program offers cadets the thrill of flying and learning about general aviation. Every cadet under age 18 is eligible for five hands-on flights in both a single engine aircraft and glider.

New cadets are scheduled for their first flights after joining Civil Air Patrol and completing the Great Start Orientation Program, usually within the 90 days.

Power orientation flights are offered in a Civil Air Patrol Cessna 172 aircraft usually at South Jersey Regional Airport (VAY). But orientation flights can also be held at other nearby FBOs. Glider Orientation Flights are held at Farmers Pride Airport at Fort Indiantown Gap, Pa. Trips to Farmers Pride Airport can be one day or overnight.

 At no time will cadets incur any costs associated with their orientation flights. Any out of pocket expenses are associated with meals, lodging and visiting any points of interest.

Visit our website’s news page to read about our orientation flights.