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How Can I Join

How do you Join C.A.P?

We ask that you sit in on 3 meetings weather you are thinking of joining as a cadet or senior. By sitting in on 3 meetings you will get to see a variety of pieces of the cadet or senior program and then you can make a decision on weather or not C.A.P is something you want to do on a regular basis.

Once you have decided after the 3rd meeting that you are serious about joining the program we will give you all the nesacceary paperwork you will need to fill out and send into National Headquarters. Cadet paperwork is pretty easy to fill out and the senior member paperwork is similar except for a finger print card that you will need to have done at your local police station.

Once you have all your paperwork filled out and sent into National Headquarters it will be a couple weeks and you will receive a starter package of books for the seniors and the cadets will receive a binder with a CD that contains all the needed manuals to start the program with.

Looking to Join?

Captain Bill Petzinger

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