CAP Chain of Command

President of the United States of America President Donald Trump
Secretary of Defense The Honorable Dr. Mark T. Esper
Secretary of the Air Force The Honorable Heather Wilson
Air Force Chief of Staff Gen David L. Goldfein, USAF
CAP-USAF Commander Col. Mark A. Wootan
Civil Air Patrol
National Headquarters
National Commander Maj Gen Mark E. Smith, CAP
National Vice Commander Brig. Gen. Edward D. Phelka, CAP
Northeast Region
Region Commander Col. Jack Ozer, CAP
New Jersey Wing
Wing Commander Col. Joe H. Abegg, CAP
Group 225
Group Commander  Maj Julio Pastoriza
McGuire Composite Squadron
Squadron Commander Maj Bill Petzinger, CAP
Deputy Commander of SeniorsCapt Todd Hamilton, CAP
Deputy Commander of Cadets                   1st Lt Frank D'Agostino, CAP

Public Affairs Officer                                    
Maj Bill Petzinger, CAP
Cadet Commander C/1st Lt Lorenzo DiVentura, CAP             

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McGuire Composite Squadron - Civil Air Patrol.
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